If you are looking for an excuse not to work out, you’ll find it! Here are 14 of the most popular excuses for not exercising and why we should do it anyway. There are so many excuses people give for not exercising. I have heard them all. I understand there are obstacles to working out, but the only person you cheat when you don’t is you. I am overweight, I take a long time to learn things, I am busy, but I try to make time to do what matters in my life.

If you are looking for an excuse not to work out, you'll find it! Here are 14 of the most popular excuses for not exercising and why we should do it anyway.

I know that my blood pressure, blood sugar and all of my blood work are healthier because I move daily. I make sure to get my heart rate up and I feel amazing when I get that done. Every time, I feel a high that I can’t describe. It’s what keeps me going in my life.

I always hear the term people don’t change, but I think you can and this year is your year. No matter what is going on in the world, if you focus on your health, you’ll be able to meet every challenge with more focus and more strength. So make sure you take care of you first!

Like I said before if you want to find an excuse for not exercising, you will, but if you want to find an excuse why you have to, you can find that too. Every part of the wellness wheel has to become a priority for you to get back to wellness and achieve great things on your fitness journey. Remember, you can start that journey right where you are no matter where that is.

Not enough time to work out

You can use your lunch break, get up early, go after work. You can make a difference in 10 minutes. Cut out some screen time or exercise during tv commercials. I like to use my lunchtime to walk or lift weights.

It’s too expensive to work out

YouTube has lots of bodyweight exercises for free. Walking is one of the best exercises. Parks have things that can be used such as walking trails, sometimes chin-up bars, or rings. You can use the monkey bars to challenge yourself..

Before I got my first gym membership, I researched what facility had the best deal. You can get all the exercise you need using your own body weight. The library is a great resource for information and you can also ask for books for Christmas or your birthday.

I am afriad of being too sore

I encourage new members to go slow and work up to doing more. There is a chance of being sore, but it goes away in a few days. It’s a sign your muscles are getting worked and getting stronger. Just remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Great masterpieces take time.

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I don’t want to bulk up

Chances are slim that you will look like a bodybuilder unless you work out for hours a day. However, you will get leaner and get some muscle definition. Most of all your joints and muscles will be stronger and your body will love you for it. Start with light weights and a lot of repetitions to gain health without building excess muscle.

I don’t have anyone to work out with

I like working out on my own, personally. I don’t have to rely on anyone. I show up and do my thing and I don’t get distracted. If I had a partner, I’d have to worry about them canceling or slowing me down.

Hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to give you tips. There are some great ones that will encourage you and help you through the tough times. You don’t have to keep them for a long time, just learn the basics from them and then go on your own. Some people keep their trainers for years because they enjoy socialization.

If you really want a partner and can’t find one nearby, check out how to find a virtual workout partner.

I don’t know how to work out properly

YouTube can be very helpful if you find a credible credentialed trainer to learn from. Lots of books and videos are available at the library that you can learn from. Go to the gym and talk to a personal trainer and see if they are a good fit for you.

I don’t know where to work out

Look in the phone book or google gyms in your area. Talk to your friends and see where they enjoy working out at.

I’m too fat to exercise

Start with walking and watching what you eat. Try to cut back on sweets and add some fruits and vegetables to your diet. Take it slow and easy so you don’t burn out. Reward yourself for being consistent. As with everyone, consult a doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to work out. It will take a while. Drink plenty of water and start with a short time, just 10 minutes can make a difference in your health.

I feel intimidated by the gym

Most people working out at the gym are too focused on themselves to notice you. As long as you are not doing crazy things you will blend in. Ask for help so you don’t get hurt using equipment improperly. We all have something to work on and we all had to start somewhere. No one will be judging you.

I have an injry

Talk to the doctor before doing any physical activity. Exercises can be modified. It’s not an excuse not to exercise. I have worked with some cool people who have had strokes, joint replacements, diabetes, or other illnesses, but they never let the injury get them down. They keep going.

Many injured individuals can still do swimming or therabands with the parts of their bodies that aren’t injured. I am recovering from severe hernia surgery and a head injury and I keep going according to my doctor’s recommendation. I know I feel tons better than I would if I weren’t exercising.

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I don’t want to get sweaty

Bring some cold water and a sweat towel. Wear loose-fitting clothes that are light fabrics. Use fans in the gym to keep you cooler.

I don’t want to work out around other people

There are times there is no one else in the gym. Go at off-peak hours like 7 pm or 11 am. Ask when the busiest times are. Work out at home with exercise videos or YouTube videos. Walk outside. There are so many ways to avoid people while working out. It’s not an excuse not to exercise.

The gym is dirty

At our gym, we have cleaning supplies at several stations. We clean ourselves several times a day. But again, a gym is not the only option. If you are too much of a germaphobe, work out at home or outside. There’s no wrong way to get your exercise on!

The gym is a meat market

Check out the gym you want to use before you sign up. You’ll be able to see the atmosphere when you go in. Different ones have different clientele and environments. Go at off times. The younger crowd usually works out from 3 to 6 pm. Avoid those times. The gym is a great place to meet people, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re not interested.

There are so many more excuses not to exercise that people use to lie to themselves that it’s not worth it. I promise you, if you get your body moving, you’re going to have benefits from it. You’re only going to wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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