Tobacco use is a habit that has many health risks and is expensive so it wreaks havoc on your budget. Stopping tobacco use will change your life, but it’s HARD!

What’s the harm in smoking?

Smoking, vaping, and other tobacco use increases your risk of illness, especially cancer. This increases your health care costs. The expense of tobacco takes money away from your family budget. Stopping tobacco use and smoking is an important step on your fitness journey and an important part of the wellness wheel in the habit wedge.

Smoking causes poor breathing and coughing. It also puts those around you at risk for breathing problems and cancer. Tobacco use in general causes low energy and lower life expectancy. There are many chemicals in cigarettes, vapes, and other tobacco.

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Lit cigarette burning

I have asthma, and I have had many asthma attacks. It’s scary and it limits things I can do. It’s something that is beyond my control and it pops up when I least expect it. I don’t want to do anything that would increase my risks.

Smoking is within your control, so if you haven’t, don’t start. I have never been attracted to smoking, but I am addicted to food and especially sweets. I can understand addiction to tobacco. It’s hard, but the benefits outweigh the pleasure of smoking. I am working on my food addiction, and believe me, it’s HARD.

Benefits of stopping smoking and other tobacco use

There are so many benefits to quitting. Food tastes better. You can live a longer life with less illness. It reduces your risk of cancer. You will enjoy better breathing. That’s a special thing to me, so it means a lot to me. You’ll have more energy. You’ll also have a healthier heart rate. The benefits are many and important.

I know it’s tough, but I believe you can do it! There are a variety of ways to quit. There are over-the-counter gums and patches you can buy. They also have lozenges that help. You can get a prescription for an inhaler, nasal spray, or pills that help. Take it one day at a time or if that’s too hard, one hour at a time.

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Free nicotine patches

If you’re looking for nicotine cessation aids, there are many available. Here is a link to free nicotine patches and help to quit by state. Just click on the link, check out the website, and find your state to see what free help there is for you.

Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

I live in Oklahoma and I work with our county’s tset group on many different events. You can call the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline here. 1-800-quitnow. They are happy to help and have a lot of tools to support you.

Free quit smoking kits

How to stop smoking for free. There are many free tools and things available for Oklahomans through the okhelpline online here. You have to enter some information to find out what part of the kits you are eligible for.

Quit smoking meditation

There are many natural ways to help with your tobacco-free journey. Meditation can help you overcome many obstacles. I use it to focus myself when I’m struggling with my own addictions. You can find a quiet place to sit. Sit in a comfortable position. Focus your mind and think about what your urge to smoke is really about. Are you upset? Tired? Nervous? Think about that problem and how you can solve it instead of medicating with nicotine.

It may sound simple, but it can be effective. I use prayer when I meditate. I give my craving to destroy my health with sweets to God and ask Him to help me work through the craving. I’ve recently lost 25 pounds, and this is how I overcame my cravings. Sometimes I’ve had to pray really hard. Sometimes I’ve failed. But I just keep getting back up and starting again.

I’m going to live a healthier life and I have to do that one obstacle at a time just like you do.

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Essential oils to stop smoking

Essential oils can be effective for many things. Smoking is no different. Black pepper has been used to help people quit tobacco use for decades. Black pepper essential oil has shown promise in helping people give up smoking.

Remember, before starting ANY kind of exercise or treatment, consult with your doctor to make sure they recommend it.

Other essential oils that help people quit smoking include lavender, sweet orange, peppermint, rosemary, and roman chamomile. It can’t hurt to try these methods. You’ll be thanking yourself and have more life to live with more time and more energy. I know it’s super hard, but I know you can do it. And you’re worth it!

Now for a joke: Never trust stairs. They are always either up to something or trying to bring you down.