Over the past few decades, we have become a more sedentary society. With health consequences, we must get back to moving. Try these free workouts for obese beginners and change your life today! There are workouts obese beginners can do, I promise.

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Weight loss workout videos can be a big help in getting your fitness back on track. There are many obstacles that you may face to exercising, but don’t let them be an excuse. Keep pressing forward and live the life you were meant to live! Movement is an important part of weight loss and any fitness journey. Look through these amazing free workout videos and find one that fits your needs. You’ll be so glad you did!

How To Start Free workouts

Remember, before starting ANY kind of exercise, consult with your doctor to make sure they recommend it.

Once your doctor clears you for exercise, you have to mentally prepare yourself. Accept where you are. Make reasonable short-term fitness goals. Add in some long-term fitness goals. Measure your body to see where you are starting from and allow you to measure your progress. And choose one thing in your diet to improve. Now you are set up for success!

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Beginners workout Video for obese

There are so many great free workout videos online. Check out this list of great free workout videos for obese beginners:

Or try one of these easy workouts to get started. And check out these workout DVDs for beginners here. (Check out these ways to save money on fitness gear to get you started.)

If you want more of my weight loss story and how I grew up on little Debbies and soda and learned how to change my health and life through exercise and nutrition, check out this nutrition guide. It has some basic dos and don’ts that my wife and I used for me to lose 100 pounds and be on no medication at age 53. There are also some sample meal plans in there. It was a long process, not a quick fix, but if I can do it, so can you!

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Exercising for obese beginners

For more ideas for obese beginners, check these out: