There are so many different types of exercises there is something for everyone to enjoy. Each one has its own unique benefits.

There are so many different types of exercise there is something for everyone to enjoy. Each one has its own unique benefits.

All exercise has benefits for your body. If you are trying to burn a lot of fat, there are some types of exercises that are better for that. If you want to build muscle, other exercises may be better for that. Find out the different types of exercise and the benefits of each type and work on the exercise portion of your wellness wheel. And make it an important part of your morning self care routine.

If you have bad joints, you can do lighter impact exercises such as water aerobics, water walking, or resistance bands. If you are able to take more impact, you can do kick boxing or step aerobics. There is such a variety of ways to be active, there is something for everyone.

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Benefits of lifting weights

Lifting weights can be heavy amounts of weight or lighter weights at higher repetition. It can be machine weights or free weights. Bar weights or handheld weights. There is such a variety within each type of exercise as well.

The benefits of lifting weights include increasing bone strength, developing lean muscle mass, and increasing metabolism to burn more fat over time. This is my favorite types of exercises and what keeps me motivated to move. I feel so great when I lift weights. I do have to make myself do some cardio as well.

Benefits of gardening

Gardening has a ton of benefits besides fitness. You get healthy food; tons of sunshine and good microbes and you get a workout.

The benefits of gardening include lowering stress, building muscle and strength, flexibility, and it impacts your mental ability. Studies show gardening is good for mental health helping with depression and anxiety.

Benefits of interval training

Interval training is doing a lot of activity really fast and then taking breaks. One example would be running as fast as you can go at a high incline for one minute and then slowing down and resting for one minute. You keep repeating a pattern like that and get a higher burn for the effort.

The benefits of interval training include weight loss, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, and building endurance.

Benefits of circuit training

Circuit training is the practice of using machine weights and setting up a roundabout. A participant uses the equipment for a quick amount of time, such as a minute, and then trades to the next machine. There is a predetermined plan for where to go from machine to machine.

The benefits of circuit training include improving cardio health, engaging many muscles, and weight loss. Because of the speed at which exercises are performed, it has cardio benefits.

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Benefits of cardio exercise

Cardio exercise includes many workouts such as different kinds of aerobics, circuit training, interval training, walking, running, and more. It’s anything that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up.

The benefits of cardio exercise include improving heart function, increasing metabolism, reducing stress, and improving self-esteem.

Benefits of bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises are movements you do using the weight of your body to give resistance. Think of pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, wall sits, and things like that.

Bodyweight exercises benefit the participant with building muscle and fitness level without requiring a gym or any equipment.

Functional fitness training benefits

Functional fitness is movements that mimic real life work. Such as pulling weeds and stacking hay. It uses the natural movements of the body to dictate the exercise.

The functional fitness training benefits include helping with injury recovery and improving the quality of your life. It uses efficient movement patterns to give you a good workout.

Benefits of resistance bands

Resistance bands are like a giant rubber band that you use to work out your arms and legs. They are fun to use and easy to store. They are lightweight, portable and they help you build muscle strength by giving muscle resistance.

Benefits of group fitness class

Group fitness classes can be a lot of fun if you are an outgoing person. They are social and build your social circle. They also build physical endurance, help with coordination and weight loss. There are so many different kinds of group fitness classes that you are sure to find the types of exercises you enjoy. Many exercises listed in this article are available in group settings.

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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that combines stretching and meditation to help you center yourself and gain fitness. There are breathing exercises involved in yoga that help with many things as well. Yoga increases muscle tone and strength. It helps with flexibility, increases your energy level and helps you with relaxation.

Yoga helps prevent injuries and builds cardiovascular health.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is similar to yoga in many ways, but there are some differences. The benefits of Pilates include building bone strength, and core strength. Pilates helps with weight loss. It’s also good to help relieve back pain and is a great workout to prevent injury.

Benefits of Tabata

Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It consists of eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval.

The benefits of Tabata are it increases your metabolism, it can be done anywhere, it improves cardiovascular health and muscle tone. Tabata is the same as HIIT workouts.

Benefits of water aerobics

Water aerobics is aerobic exercises done in the water. Any movement done in the water help to reduce impact on the joints. Some of the many benefits of water aerobics include social benefits as well as coordination and range of motion.

Benefits of lap swimming

The benefits of lap swimming include building endurance and coordination. It is a total body exercise. Lap swimming offers great cardio types of exercise.

Benefits of water walking

Water walking is low impact and easy on your joints. It also builds endurance and gives you many of the same benefits as walking which is one of the best exercises for people to do.

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Benefits of running

Running is great for stress relief. It’s great for strengthening joints and bones. Running protects against heart disease and reduces your risks for cancer. It helps you get better quality sleep and builds self-esteem.

Benefits of training for 5ks and marathons

Training for 5ks and marathons is great to add the benefit of competition, endurance, challenging yourself and increasing self-esteem. This is a lot of people’s favorite type of exercise.

Benefits of biking or spinning

Biking and spinning build endurance, strength, and have great cardio benefits. They can be done indoors which helps control your environment as well.

Benefits of Zumba

Zumba is an aerobic exercise featuring movements inspired by Latin dances. It’s really fun. It provides social benefits as well as building endurance and coordination. You gain a lot of self-esteem from the challenge of mastering it.

Benefits of dance

Dance is a wonderful way to move that builds the same things as Zumba. But it can be any kind of dance you like. African dancing, ballet, hip hop, whatever you like gives you benefits for a better life.

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Benefits of sports training

Sports training benefits you by providing challenges. Sports are social so you can build relationships and are more likely to do so with the improved self-esteem it gives. You learn skills. You get mental and physical benefits while learning to follow the rules of the game.

Benefits of flexibility training

Flexibility training helps you build range of motion. It also helps with pain prevention and injury prevention.

Benefits of plank exercises

Planking is an exercise that involves your core muscles, improving your strength, balance and endurance. The exercise is so-named because, when done properly, you straighten your entire body and maintain it rigidly, just like a plank of wood.

There are many benefits of plank exercises such as building core strength and muscle tone. You also build muscle endurance and it helps with injury prevention.

There are many benefits to a range of types of exercises to help you reach your wellness goals and move you forward on your fitness journey. Learning a new activity is fun and it challenges your body to move in new ways and expand its abilities. There is movement for everyone from the most obese to the thinnest and from the most elderly to tiny babies.

Everyone needs movement for health and there are as many kinds of movements as there are personality traits on earth. So, pick a few types of exercises and try them out. I know you’re going to fall in love with several and you’ll have the excursive part of your wellness wheel handled.

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Make sure to set fitness goals to keep leveling up your fitness!

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