A wellness wheel is just a tool you can use to make sure you are focusing on total wellness in your wellness journey.

One area of wellness is not more important than the other. But they all work together to support and help each other. There are six focus areas on our wellness wheel at actionable wellness. The wellness wheel is a tool to help you visually recognize what areas you are succeeding in and what areas need work.

A wellness wheel is just a tool you can use to make sure you are focusing on total wellness in your wellness journey.

Wellness wheel area 1: Exercise. Exercise or physical movement is the cornerstone of any wellness journey. Physical activity directly affects your total health from blood sugar, to blood pressure and so on. It also affects your mental and spiritual health. Check out all the benefits of exercise here.

Wellness wheel area 2: Nutrition. Food is the building blocks for healthy cells that help prevent illness and disease. We need a variety of nutrients for good health and longevity.

wellness items such as kettle bell, smart bell, tape measure, water and fruit

Wellness wheel area 3: Mind. Mental health and spiritual health are far more important than they are given credit for. No one can function physically or in any other area well without a balanced spiritual life and good mental health. Something will always suffer until this area is balanced and taken as seriously as the others. You have to keep stress in check and keep yourself on the path of success.

Wellness wheel area 4: Environment. Homelife, work-life, and social life do affect the body and its health. So, the environment is super important to take care of. Changing the way you handle things and having a positive attitude can totally change the way you see these areas.

Wellness wheel area 5: Habits. Balancing good sleep habits and other habits that set you up for success is important. There are also many bad habits that we may need to work on that reduce the quality of our health such as smoking, drinking, gambling, overeating, over-shopping, and so on. Habits are a big part of our health and we can use them to produce better wellness in our life.

Wellness wheel area 6: Finance. Our finances affect a lot of our life and stress levels as well. When we get a handle on them, we make everything in our lives run more smoothly too.

wellness wheel with 6 areas of wellness

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This wellness wheel is a tool to look directly at the balance we can achieve in our life if we put more thought into our daily living. You can print it out with the pdf below and have it in your hands to remind you to work on each area. Hold it and focus on the differences and the weight each section carries to your overall wellbeing.

Wellness Wheel PDF Printable

This way you can break the steps you need to take into actionable pieces without so much overwhelm. Spend some time thinking about each section and making plans to work on it. Make a list of each section and order them in importance of what you are going to work on changing this year.

notebook with healthy diet regular exercise etc written on it

Of course, all of these things won’t be done at once, don’t let it overwhelm you. But it’s a way to break it up so it’s actionable.

When you spend time working in one area until you make improvements, the wellness wheel will help you get more clarity and stability in your life. One area improved supports another area. So, it has a trickle-down effect on the other sections. Here are 9 simple steps to wellness you can try first.

I hope this wellness wheel activity helps you find balance in your life as it has helped me.

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