Work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy life and any fitness journey. The wellness wheel shows the importance of a healthy home and work environment for overall health.

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people standing together smiling at work

Chronic stress is one of the most common health problems at work. It can cause physical effects such as high blood pressure, digestive diseases, chronic pain, and heart disease. Chronic stress is also associated with an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and insomnia, which can also affect mental health. Over time, excessive stress can cause burn out at work and home.

Both environments are important for wellness. Your home cannot feel toxic to you either. So let’s dive into what healthy home and work is all about.

Healthy home

It’s super important to have a healthy home environment. Set up your home so that you can relax and be able to she off the worries of the day.

You also need a place where you can exercise and build strength. Take time and find a place to strengthen your body daily. You need to have a place set up in your home for this. There are great exercises that can be done in a little pace and don’t require a lot of equipment.

Spiritual health is also important. I feel like our home is a great place for spiritual health because we feel comfortable and loved there. I am able to express my spiritual health concerns.

Another way your home can be healthy is by keeping it clean and organized. You will be better prepared for each day if you can find your things. You can make sure to use healthy things to clean your home instead of harsh chemicals that can cause illness.

You also need access to outdoor living spaces that are inviting for you to get fresh air and sunshine as well as a good place to be indoors where you can still see outside.

A healthy home spills over to a healthy work environment. Sometimes home spills over into work and sometimes work spills over into home. So they need to balance each other out.

people enjoying sharing something on the phone in a healthy home after exercising

healthy work environment

I work in the fitness field. It’s important that I can help people who are having difficulty with health issues to be able to overcome their obstacles. I can relate because I have obstacles of my own. Suffering a traumatic brain injury and two hernia surgeries over the past two years, I’ve encountered a lot of setbacks. So I can relate to others going through that.

Being physically fit helps me do my job better and it will help you too. So take time to be active in some way every day and work will go more smoothly for you too.

employee doing work on a computer in a healthy work environment

Prayer and meditation helps with a healthy work environment as well. We all know that we need to be centered and balanced for top performance. If you are stressed out about work, try prayer or meditation to help relax you and even out your work life. If you are having a problem with someone at work, pray that God will bless them.

This will not only change them, but it changes you too. Work is a big part of our life, so it can make a huge difference in the stress level of our jobs. If you have someone in particular that you’re struggling to get along with, ask them about their family and become involved in being a cheerleader for them. You’ll be amazed at how it changes you.

Being a better worker and co-worker will make a huge difference in your work life and make the environment more pleasant for everyone that works there. Including your boss…even if they don’t deserve it. You deserve peace.

colleagues enjoying a conversation in a healthy work environment

Both environments create a circle around your life, and they are intertwined and equally important. Keep your perspective positive. If you don’t see anything positive, start looking actively for something positive in both places every day. It will change you, I promise.

Keeping a good attitude about both of these places will improve your health, your mood, and your life.