Spiritual wellness is an important part of your overall wellness and a piece of our wellness wheel. It’s your path towards your life’s meaning and purpose.

Spiritual wellness is an important part of your overall wellness and a piece of our wellness wheel. It’s your path towards your life’s meaning and purpose.

Physical and mental wellness are very important as are financial, environmental, and habit wellness. But we can’t overlook spiritual wellness or the quest to find your path on your fitness journey. You may be religious and you may not, but we are all spiritual beings.

We are designed to search for truth and fulfillment. So, having consistent values and actions will bring peace and serenity to your life that is unparalleled. We have to have an idea of right and wrong and act in a way that gives us peace.

You must work toward finding your purpose and reflect on the meaning of the events that lead to toward it. Or basically being true to yourself and your truths. To do this we must explore our inner thoughts and feelings and really find out who we are as a person.

What is spiritual wellness

We can move toward spiritual wellness through prayer, meditation, religion, and personal reflection on what our values and morals are.

Knowing our why helps us lead a more stable and meaningful life. Connecting to a higher power is a way to balance ourselves with God. And also, spiritual wellness allows us to accept things that are out of our control and clear our minds.

Spiritual well being

Ask yourself if you make time for these things during the day:



Knowing your purpose

Focusing on your values so they can direction your actions

Accepting others and their beliefs

Feeling at harmony

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These things are the pathway to peace, forgiveness of self and others, commitment, self-worth, hope and a positive outlook. If you don’t work on it, you may feel anxious, apathy, conflicted, empty, and without meaning. You may also harshly judge yourself in a negative way.

Everyone’s path is different and we have to explore what we believe to achieve spiritual wellness.

Once you improve it, you may enjoy fulfillment, forgiveness, love, compassion, and real true joy! Some of the things that may lead you there or will occur as a result of spiritual wellness may be volunteering, social responsibility and contribution to society, more connection with others and feelings of belonging, more self love and self care, and optimism.

How can you improve spiritual wellness?

First, schedule time to think about why you’re doing what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter how much time, just slow down and connect with you. It helps you make better decisions and connect with who you are.

Practice mindfulness. Be conscious of your thoughts. It’s powerful. The bible tells us to take captive every thought. So just letting our minds run rampant is not a healthy practice. We have a choice.

Explore faith and religion. Find one that aligns with your core beliefs. And pursue knowledge about it.

Travel and explore new places and things. See things, learn things, and experience things.

Give back and help others. It will really open up your heart.

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Spiritual wellness examples

You may be able to improve your spiritual wellness through prayer, mediation, affirmations, worship, yoga, spiritual practices, or other similar activities. Studies show the brain is wired differently when we practice these things. It actually changes your brain patterns.

Set aside time to have pleasure and relax. Take regular walks in nature, take yoga classes or attend church for worship, find a quiet place to meditate, enjoy a musical, get a massage, have a pedicure, whatever helps you relax and makes you reflect inward.

Here’s a dad joke for you:

How many storm troopers does it take to change a lightbulb?

None, because they are all on the dark side. Ha ha ha

Spiritual wellness helps me to stay connected to the great and mighty God who holds my future in His hands. He gives me guidance and strength to overcome obstacles. This helps me to have relationships with others that I love. When I have problems and success, He is there with me.

My relationship with God helps me to keep my morals and gives me a sense of purpose. It’s the guiding principle for my life. Reading the bible helps me stay focused and guides my daily actions.

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My quiet tie with God praying and reading His Word centers my day and starts it on a positive note. It helps me stay focused on the good things in my life and not get bogged down in the negative. I cherish my relationship with God above all others.

Spiritual wellness is so important that all other areas of wellness hinge on it. If we don’t have purpose or know who we are, we aren’t able to connect and reach out to help others. And our relationships with others are what nurtures us to move forward toward our goals and purposes in this life. So, take the time to make spiritual wellness a priority.