Are you getting bored with your workouts? Struggling to find motivation? The good news is that there are a lot of fun workouts you can try to help breathe some life back into your fitness routine and mix things up when you hit a wall on your fitness journey.

fun workouts you should try

Why you should try fun new workouts regularly

When you get bored with your workout it is easy to lose motivation and find yourself not working out as you planned. By switching things up and trying new things you can take away the boredom of working out to find something that motivates you to keep showing up day after day.

When you love your workout you are more likely to give the workout your all and to spend more time working out and do it more often.

If your body becomes too used to the workout you are doing it can stop making progress. Changing your workouts from time can help keep your body guessing and keep your progress going.

To help mix things up more often you can find local fitness classes to try something new. Try one of these fun workouts to spark the flame again.

If you are a beginner, check these ideas out:

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Gym workouts

If you are looking for something to do at the gym that will mix things up a bit try hopping on the rowing machine. This will work your entire body from head to toe with every rowing movement but it can also be a fun activity. Put some music on your headphones with a steady beat or try a video tour to watch and give yourself a focal point while you workout.

Kickboxing can be a lot of fun and it is a great workout. This engages the muscles of the entire body while getting the heart rate high enough to help make the most of your workouts and burn calories for hours after you are done. Not only is this a great workout but you can use this to help train your body to react in self defense making this workout a great value for your time.

Workout classes

Zumba is very popular and for a good reason. If you have not tried this upbeat dance workout you can take advantage of video streaming Zumba classes to burn off a lot of calories in a short amount of time. This workout is so much fun you will forget you are exercising.

DDPYoga is a great option if you are looking for a fun workout from home that you can do with minimal equipment. This yoga is different from other varities and the instructors teach you how to engage your muscles to help grow more muscle, increase flexibility. and improve your cardiovascular health all in a low-impact workout that can be customized to fit your own personal needs.

This style of yoga mixes together multiple types of dance and yoga for a fast-paced workout that strengthens muscles, works your core, and stretches your body from head to toe. This fun active workout can leave you energized unlike traditional varieties of yoga that may feel boring or leave you relaxed or tired after you have finished your workout.

While this may not be what comes to mind when you think of a workout, pole dancing can actually be a lot of fun and a killer arm, leg, and core workout that will leave you sweating and help to build confidence and help you learn to love the skin you’re in. These classes are kept all female so you can feel safe while trying a fun new workout.

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For more fun workout classes for women, check out these ideas:

Even if you are not looking for an in-person fitness class you can use streaming platforms to take advantage of a wide range of dance classes like hip hop. Dance classes are a killer workout that can burn on average 800 calories in a 30 minute session while being fun and energizing.

Virtual Reality workouts

Virtual reality systems have a lot of great games for active play that can help get you interested in working out and having fun. If you have a virtual reality system or another type of active video game system you can have a great time adding these to your workouts for a dose of cardio that feels more like play than working out.

As the weather turns warm you may want to dive in for some fun activities on the trails. Look for new hiking trails in your area, pack some water and go explore for a great full-body workout with views well worth the burn. To make it even more fun take your camera along to catch some shots of local wildlife.

There are so many fun workouts for you to try. Keep finding what you love and keep moving. You’ll thank yourself for the love you show yourself now. And if you’ve waited too long, there’s no such thing. It’s never too late to get fit and feel better.

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