Planking exercises build tremendous strength and can be done at home. It’s a great bodyweight exercise that anyone can do. It’s s a full-body exercise that builds confidence as it builds muscles.

person doing planking exercises for beginners

Alignment is important, so use a mirror to make sure your body is straight. And don’t forget to make sure you are using proper form to reduce the risk of injury and get the most from each movement.

Plank workout for beginners

Forearm plank-Lay down on the floor. Place your elbows on the floor in line with your shoulders. Lift your midsection off the floor. To make it easier, you can rest your weight on your knees. To make it easier, rest your weight on your knees. To make it more difficult, put all the weight on your toes.

Try to hold each plank for 10 seconds and then work your way up to 1-2 minutes. Here is a great workout schedule to help keep you on track as well.

Easy planks for beginners

Hip dips plank-Start in the plank position. Slowly rotate the spine to lower your left hip to just above the floor and raise your back to a standard plank. Now lower your right hip to the floor. This is considered one repetition. Take it slow and easy. Technique is very important.

woman doing a hip dip plank

Plank up downs-Begin in a push-up position. Lower your right elbow down to the floor and then your left, coming into an elbow plank. Put your right hand on the floor and straighten your right elbow. Do the same on the left side to return to a full plank.

man doing up down plank

Side elbow plank-Begin lying on your side. Engage your core. Press your elbow into the floor, and raise into a side elbow plank. Stagger your feet. Your left foot is just off your right or stack the heels. Reach your left arm up towards the ceiling which will help you lift your waist. Be sure to breathe.

man doing a side elbow planking exercise

Plank challenge for beginners

If you are looking for a challenge, try this plank challenge for beginners.

Day 1 and 2, choose 2 planks and hold them each for 20 seconds.

Day 3 and 4, hold them for 30 seconds.

Day 5, hold them for 40 seconds.

Day 6, rest.

Day 7-8, hold them for 45 seconds

Day 9-11, hold them for one minute

Day 12, hold them for a minute and a half.

Day 12, rest.

Day 14-17, hold them for 2 minutes each.

Day 18, hold them for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Day 19, rest.

Day 20-25, hold them for three minutes.

This planking exercise challenge can be done with any plank. It’s great to help build core endurance. Be sure to hold your abs tight, this will support your core. Stay flat like a board while doing them, and don’t let your butt raise in the air.

The Guinness Book of World Record holder for planking is George Hood. At 62 years of age, he held a plank for 8 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. The female record holder is Dana Glowacka who held hers for 4 hours, 19 minutes, and 55 seconds. They must have abs of steel!

There are so many benefits of exercise and of challenging yourself to do more. You are worth giving your best and taking it all the way! Try these ideas too: