The way you spend your mornings has a huge impact on how the rest of your day will go, so it’s important to make them count. Try these 7 morning self-care ideas to set your day up for success. Routines are an important part of your fitness journey!

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Morning self-care

If you don’t have a ton of time for yourself throughout the rest of the day, I highly recommend fueling every morning by practicing a little self-care before you head out of the house.

Even if you’re not huge on mornings, little actions can have a ton of impact, so instead of spending half an hour scrolling through social media before you even get out of bed, why not use that time to do something that’s good for you? This can be anything like cooking yourself a hearty breakfast, listening to an inspiring podcast, writing down your goals for the day, or just about anything you can think of!

If you’re wondering how you can take better advantage of that small window of time you have before your actual day starts, here are 7 morning self-care ideas to help you set the day up for success!

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Spiritual morning routine

Start the day off with some spiritual self-care. It sets the tone and centers you for whatever else happens during your day. You can set your intentions and connect with God and get started on the right foot. Then get moving!

A little movement every morning can have an amazing effect on the way you feel for the rest of the day. Depending on how much time you have to spare before you head into your day-to-day activities, make sure you exercise just a little bit every morning. Be it a short walk around your hood or pressing play on a simple yoga video, whatever you do is guaranteed to fuel you up for the day!

I know how small it may seem, but making your bed every morning is a wonderful way to set your brain up for success throughout the rest of the day. Not only will making your bed help you avoid feeling sluggish in the morning but that simple act has been proven to be one of the top productivity hacks out there.

Simply put, completing such a simple task as soon as you get out of bed wires your brain into that “let’s do things” mode and get you excited to complete the next tasks! Plus, there’s nothing quite like coming back home in the evening and having a cozy made-up bed waiting!

I know how tempting it may be to check your e-mails as soon as you wake up, and while I do recommend checking off that box as early in the day as possible, make sure you do it only after you’ve actually started working.

Checking your emails before you’re even out of bed will wire your brain to get into “working mode” before it’s supposed to, creating stress in the process and making you feel as though you need to respond to them right away instead of actually getting to enjoy that little free time you have in the morning!

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Set your intentions for the day

Find a cozy spot and make a thorough list of every single thing you want to achieve today. Writing down goals means setting an intention, and the simple act of doing so will keep you inspired to tackle every single item on your list (plus, it will also help you get organized!).

As a tip, make sure your list is realistic to avoid overwhelming yourself. Moreover, remind yourself it’s not all work and zero play: make sure at least a few goals are personal ones! This can range from going on a walk, going to that salsa dance you’re loving, calling a friend, or just about anything you can think of that you enjoy doing!

Listening to an inspiring podcast is one of my favorite success hacks out there! Learning about other people’s success stories and tips isn’t only a way to get you feeling inspired to reach yours, but it can actually help keep you focused and eager to get your work done throughout the day.

Plus, you can listen to a podcast while you do other self-care activities like cooking yourself a healthy breakfast or taking a relaxing shower, which is an easy way to fit in two things in just one go.

If you’re not the breakfast type, make sure you make it your goal to change that over the following weeks. I consider breakfast the most important meal of the day, so make sure whatever you eat is filled with protein and healthy vitamins in order to fuel up your body to take on the day.

If you don’t have much time or you simply don’t enjoy cooking complicated meals, something as simple as avocado toast will do just the trick. You can also make it a weekly goal to batch prepare breakfast every Sunday in order to save time (chia puddings, berry oats, etc are all great ideas!)

Sitting quietly on your balcony/porch/kitchen while savoring a cup of your favorite morning beverage is an actual ritual and one that can help you slow down and enjoy a few moments with yourself. Of course, phones are a huge no-no here, so make sure they’re as far away as possible!

Don’t forget you can do even more by starting the night before with Evening self care to set the following day up for success as well.

I hope this list of 7 morning self-care ideas inspired you to use your mornings more consciously. What are some other great ways to practice self-care before you start your day? Let me know in the comment section below!