Push-ups are a great exercise to add to workouts for obese beginners.

obese woman doing push ups on a mat

Using your bodyweight for exercise is economical, simple, and gives you a great challenge.

Remember, before starting ANY kind of exercise, consult with your doctor to make sure they recommend it.

As with any exercise you begin when you are out of shape, you want to start slow and go easy. But there’s no reason you can’t work up to doing a perfect push-up. It’s a great goal to shoot for

obese woman doing push up on a mat in the gym

Are Wall Push-Ups Effective?

Wall push-ups are excellent because getting up and down off the floor can be difficult at first. Find a good sturdy object to push against and tall enough to be able to place your hands at chest level. Lay your chest on the wall, and then place your hands in alignment. Then press. The tension should be felt through the chest, triceps, and deltoid or shoulder muscles. Do one and see if the alignment is good and there are no pains. Desk push ups are great too.

Then continue on to do 12. To give yourself more of a challenge, change the location of your hands. Here is a great workout schedule to help keep you on track as well.

Alternatives to Push-Ups

There are many alternatives to push-ups that will build your body strength up until you can do push-ups.

Seated chest press-This is a great challenge to get ready for push-ups. You can use therabands or items around the house like water bottles or soup cans. you can do light weight to build stamina and endurance or increase the weight to build strength faster. The chest press machine will help give you as much resistance as you need and properly align your hands if you are working out in a gym or have your own equipment.

Flat bench dumbbell press-This exercise will work your arms and chest at the same time. it helps with the stability of the shoulder joints and elbows. Lie flat on your back with your arms level with your body. Lift your hands up with the weights in your hands and slowly lift your hands toward the ceiling keeping them lined up as straight as possible.

Inclined bench dumbbell press-If you put the bench at a slight incline, you will focus your efforts on the upper part of the chest. It’s great to add variety to your workout.

woman doing beginner push up on a mat in the gym

Incline push ups benenfits

Incline push-ups are good to work the major muscle of the chest by taking some of the weight off of your arms. Find a bench or chair and push up off of that object as you lift your body. Make sure to keep the body straight. This is a good transition from wall push-ups before you head all the way down to the floor.

Knee push up-Bending your knees and crossing your feet as you do a push up on the floor will take some of the tension off your chest but still gives you a good workout.

Standard push up-Push ups affect lots of muscles in your body. They are a great full-body exercise. They focus on the chest, triceps, and deltoids. It also helps build your core. Similar to the benefits of planking.

The best way to get the most from your standard push-up is to make sure your whole body is straight and tight as you lift each time. Place your feet together and your hands shoulder-width apart and lift slowly and controlled. This can be a great part of a Simple Office Workout too.

Does Push-Ups Build Muscle?

Doing push-ups is a great way to build muscle as well as strength and endurance. They also burn calories which in turn burn fat. Remember not to work the same muscle two days in a row, alternate between the areas you work out. But once you master the push-up, you’ll see more definition in your arms, especially your biceps and triceps, as well as your chest, back, and abs.

It’s amazing what it feels like to be able to push your own body and feel that muscle getting defined and stronger. You can do this. Try these different exercises to work up to the push-up, and change the weight, hand positions, repetitions and sets until you master them. You’ll get there. You hold the power in your body to change your future. You can do anything you set your mind to and I can’t wait to see your results!

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Now for a joke. When Chuck Norris does a push up he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the earth down. Ha ha ha. I love Chuck!