The fitness industry is huge and it is largely geared towards getting people to part from their hard-earned dollars. The good news is that with a few tricks and a little creativity you can save money on fitness gear to make the most of your budget.

how to save money on fitness gear

Creative ways to save money

Money is tight and times are hard, we all need creative ideas to save money. So let’s start with getting healthy. It’s important to stay on your fitness journey without blowing your financial plans.

At the beginning of the year we can save money on fitness gear because fitness equipment goes on sale left and right to help take advantage of everyone in a new year new you mindset. New year’s resolutions often revolve around health and fitness goals making the people that set these goals a great target for the companies that are selling fitness gear and equipment. If you are looking to add to your home gym these sales can be the perfect way to save money.

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During the summer you will find outdoor workout equipment on sale looking to take advantage of those that would like to add some variety and outdoor time to their workout routine. Check for deals at the beginning of the summer, and then in the fall, you can often find clearance deals on fitness gear.

As people lose interest in their new year’s resolutions, you will find that the online marketplaces are packed with great deals on fitness gear that people have decided they no longer want and just want to make back some of the money they spent on them. During this time you can find a lot of great deals on fitness equipment. The biggest issue with this is that you may find that you have a much more limited selection.

Buying used is the best way to get weight equipment. This is because this equipment is very heavy to move and ship as well as the cost of the metal to make it. When buying used sets you are saving money on the cost of materials which has drastically gone up in the past few years but also on the cost of transport that is passed on to the customer.

If you don’t want to buy your own gear, check out if a gym membership is right for you.

Many people do not realize that Amazon has a section for used items which are usually just items that got shipped out and returned for various reasons. This is a wonderful place to look for deals. They always have basics like yoga mats in stock here for a steep discount over buying them at the store. Amazon Warehouse can be a great way to find deals on all kinds of great things.

Amazon isn’t the only site that has a clearance section. In fact, most online sites will have a clearance section you can take advantage of to find great deals. To make the most of this you should check these clearance sections often.

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You do not have to rush out and invest in a lot of fitness gear to get in shape. Start out by using what you have on hand. Soup cans or jugs of water make great beginner weights that allow you to get a bit stronger and skip paying for the lower weights. Learning how to do bodyweight exercises is another great way to save money while you work your way up as well.

Before gyms and the widespread availability of home fitness gear, people used what was available to them to work out. From flipping large tires to old-fashioned pull-ups on tree branches. If you do not have a physical job you can easily find creative ways to make up for it and get a quality workout in by taking advantage of physical work opportunities from yard work to volunteering with programs like Habitat For Humanity that will make sure you get plenty of physical activity.

There are a lot of fitness tools that you can replace with everyday things in your home. Things like shaper cups for protein shakes and be replaced with a simple mason jar and lid or even a just jelly jar from the store. Check this article for the Best Home Workout Equipment to buy. And for a weight machine workout plan check this out.

Try skipping the fitness gear

If you are on a budget when you are just starting out and can not get fitness gear yet while you wait for the budget and a good deal to roll around you do have options. There are a lot of great workouts you can do using only your body weight. If you have a large rug you can use that in place of a yoga mat, and your regular comfortable shoes are found for starting a walking program or a cross-country jog.