Spiritual wellness is an important part of your wellness. A spiritual morning routine gives you a far greater chance of a successful day.

person holding open bible

I feel doing my spiritual morning routine quiet time is very important. My spiritual time is done after I have showered and dressed for work. This is so I won’t feel rushed to get ready for work. My mind is quiet and ready to focus. I read the Bible and spend time praying for my wife and daughter and others that need prayer. Check out these 7 self care habits that will change your life.

Spiritual wellness definition

Being connected to something greater than yourself. Having a set of values or morals and beliefs. A sense of purpose and meaning to your life.

Principles for guiding your relationship to God are important. It gives you guidance and an example of how you should live. I am so thankful that if I mess up, God will forgive me and help me do better in my walk. It’s important to keep in prayer and communion with God to help make important life decisions and stay out of trouble. We need that relationship so that He can carry us through tough times.

Someone that is stronger than us and loves us so very much. This can all start with a spiritual morning routine.

Spritual wellness

Whether you are a Christian or not, spiritual wellness is vital. You must connect with a higher power, we are designed and created to do so. For me, it seems like God is so good, I can’t help but be drawn to a close relationship with Him. He’s all about love and that’s an important part of life.

Quiet time in the morning

I shower and get dressed for the day. I read the Bible and pray once I’m dressed for work. I find a quiet place and spend about 30 minutes with God. I learn about Him and talk to Him.

This helps me to have a more positive day and puts life into perspective. I also continue to pray on my way to work.

person sitting outside watching the sunrise

Reading the Bible daily

I am not a super fast reader, and comprehension is a struggle for me. So my goal is to read two pages of my Bible daily. Reading the Bible every day grounds me and helps me to focus.

Morning prayer before work

God is so good to give us what we ask for. So I spend time daily telling Him of my needs. I pray for my family, for their health and safety and whatever they are going through, that God would help them. I pray that God would bless their writing, their jobs, their health and safety and open doors for them.

I also pray that God would give them blessings and favor. Then I pray for my job, my workers, my supervisors, and the leadership of our city asking God to bless them and help them make good choices.

Here are some prayers that you can use to start your day if you don’t know what to pray.

Good morning prayer for him

Dear Lord, please help me make good choices. Give me favor with my employer and help me to succeed at my job. Help me to be a blessing to others as I work. Give me guidance for family matters and direction for making decisions that please you and are good for us.

Help me to be the person you want me to be. Open doors for me and increase my blessings. Bless our finances and help us to make good decisions with them and have all that we need. Thank you for loving me and blessing me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

woman having quiet time for her spiritual morning routine

Good morning prayer for her

Dear Lord, please help me make good choices. Please give me favor as I go throughout my day and give me blessings. Help me have direction and know which way to go. Open doors for me and increase my blessings.

Please cover my family and me and health and safety as we go throughout our day. Bless our finances and help us to have everything we need. Please help me stay strong and overcome obstacles that come my way with your power, not mine. Thank you for loving me and blessing me, In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I hope this will make you think about the spiritual part of your fitness journey and your total overall wellness. I hope it inspires you to live your best life every day.

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