Smoothie bowl recipes can take your breakfasts and snacks from boring to amazing. I love making them in the morning for a punch of energy and nutrition to start my day. It’s just another way to get recipes with vegetables and fruit into my diet so I can live better.

an arrangement of beautiful smoothie bowls with toppings

My goal is the eat every color of the rainbow every day. And I used to hate vegetables, but I’m recovering and I love the way I feel now. I don’t ever want to go back to my unhealthy junk food diet that I always thought was life because I was raised eating that way! I was WRONG! And I have paid for it with my health. And we need antioxidants in foods for good health to save us from diseases. Check out these superfoods for health!

Get your printable salad ingredient cheat sheet and smoothie ingredient cheat sheet here to balance your fruit and veggie creations every time!

Oh, how I wish I could go back and change things for my mom and help her live healthy until the end. But instead, she suffered trapped inside her own junk food junky body. I’m so glad I’m learning to turn things around for myself, but I wish I could have helped her. There’s still time for us to make better choices and these smoothie bowl recipes are so fun and colorful, it’s going to make eating them even more fun!

Strawberry Smoothie Bowl by Fearless Dining. This smoothie bowl is so pretty in pink! And it tastes as lovely as it looks with loads of strawberry flavor.

strawberry smoothie bowl topped with berries, granola, nuts, chocolate chips and coconut

Heart Healthy Beet Bowls by Plant Based on a Budget. These vibrant smoothie bowls are super good for you! Go ahead, eat your heart out!

beet smoothie bowl topped with coconut, seeds and nuts

Melon Mango Smoothie Bowls by Frugal Mom Eh. These melon mango smoothie bowls have such a refreshing flavor. You are going to love these!

melon mango smoothie bowl topped with kiwi, coconut, and nuts

Blackberry Smoothie Bowls by In the Kitch. If you love blackberries, then save this recipe for later. You will want to make it all summer long!

blackberry smoothie bowl topped with peaches, pineapple and berries

Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowls by Sunkissed Kitchen. Dragonfruit smoothie bowls are sure to be a new favorite way to start your day. They are so good!

Mango Orange Smoothie Bowls by The Parent Spot. These smoothie bowls have a sunny, tropical vibe that I know you are going to warm up to!

mango orange smoothie bowl topped with an orange slice, some seeds and some raspberries

Chocolate Cherry Granola Smoothie Bowl by Homebody Eats. These luscious smoothie bowls are a chocolate lover’s dream come true! So many good things in one dish!

Blueberry Banana Smoothie Bowl by Housewives of Frederick County. Blueberry and banana are the perfect base for these colorful bowls of smoothie goodness!

Vanilla Coconut Smoothie Bowl by Wholly Tasteful. Vanilla and coconut combined are a wonderful way to eat a great breakfast in the morning!

vanilla coconut smoothie bowl topped with toasted coconut and chocolate chips

Blackberry Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl by Ugly Duckling Bakery. Berries and bananas blend for a smooth flavor you will want to enjoy all the time!

blackberry strawberry smoothie bowl topped with berries, nuts and bananas

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl by Keeping the Peas. This is so decadent, you might even want to have a bowl of this for dessert!

chocolate smoothie bowl topped with bananas, cocoa, and more

Strawberry Kefir Smoothie Bowl by Monica Nedeff. Eating good has never been so colorful or tasty as it is with these bowls!

Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl by Through the Fibro. This blueberry bowl packs a lot of protein to fuel your day with a nutritious breakfast!

Healthy Pink Smoothie Bowls by Marathons and Motivation. Think pink for a healthy start to the day with these smoothie bowls!

Easy Acai Bowl by Spend with Pennies. Eating a healthy breakfast has never been so pretty or easy! These acai bowls are a must-try!

You gotta try getting into Healthy smoothies for weight loss and smoothie bowls. You’re gonna love the way you feel too! You can just swirl some healthy jam like this elderberry jam into yogurt to make a super easy smoothie bowl too.

You can also make oatmeal balls like these for a nutritious breakfast and they can be prepped ahead so they are already ready! Check out these healthy breakfasts to help you lose weight for ideas to start your day! For more diet changes that help you have more energy, check these out.