We need people and there are many benefits of social relationships. Knowing and interacting with others brings a higher quality of life to us.

Elements of social interaction

One element of social interaction is the interaction between two or more people. There is a reciprocal relationship between them where they connect with each other. They have influence on the event, each other’s behaviors, and each other’s moods.

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hands stacked on top of one another building social relationships

There can be direct or physical interaction or symbolic interaction using language and symbols. It can be person to person, person to group, group to group, or person to culture.

Social media ruins relationships

Social media takes away that feeling of interpersonal interaction. It isolates you from others. Social media opens doors to be rude or bully others. It makes people feel like they have to compete or compare in relationships, jobs, vacations, and life situations.

Social media ruins relationships because it takes the focus off of what’s important. No one wants to have a friends night out where everyone is staring at their phones. They go out to be together and enjoy each other face to face. In a marriage or family, social media can take the focus off of what’s important.

Social media and marriage

Being on social media can open doors to interact with those you shouldn’t be talking to in private conversations. You may see things you shouldn’t see that distract you from the importance of your marriage. It can help to shower public love on your spouse as well. So if you are on social media, use it for good. Use it to encourage others. Use it to be a good example, not to hide and do things that will ruin your marriage.

people sitting together talking and showing their phones

Benefits of social interaction

Social interaction helps us develop relationships. Relationships are vital for living well. They are an important part of the wellness wheel. It helps us find new interests. Social interaction gives us a sense of belonging. We need to stay away from isolation. People need people.

Examples of social interaction in every day life

How can we develop social skills and build social relationships? There are many ways to get social interaction including but not lmited to: joining clubs, attending group meetings, going to sporting events or joining a team, working at social jobs, attending church, and joining organizations.

These relationships, as they develop, will give us a greater quality of life. Social wellness is very important for total wellness. This helps us to realize we have a social responsibility as part of this world.

woman with her hand on another woman's shoulder

Types of social responsibility

We must have respect for other humans. We need to provide protection when we can. We should all be anti-bullying and support one another in teaching kindness.

We are socially responsible for the support of others, for educating and learning. To make sure other human beings have basic needs. If we see someone who doesn’t, we need to try to find them help in whatever way we can. Social responsibility is important because if we all do our part, the world is a better place for all of us.

So let’s all make sure we are doing our part, developing our social relationships and practicing social responsibility.

Now for a joke: Two fish are in a tank, One asked the other, how do you drive this thing? Ha ha ha ha.