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My Story

I always enjoyed sports growing up. I was always active because men poured into my life. My dad abandoned my family when I was 5 and my mom struggled to care for me and my two brothers. So my grandad was always there. And I was blessed when God sent coach after coach into my life to mentor me and build me up through sports. Because of my experiences and God’s gifts He gave me, I always had the desire to help other people improve too.
I enjoy exercise and strengthening my body, but my mom didn’t teach me about nutrition. We ate junk food all the time growing up. A little meat, usually fried, and tons of bread and sweets. So I’ve always been overweight, no matter how hard I exercised. 
Fitness has kept me. I enjoy how working out makes me feel. As an adult, I kept eating portion sizes for an athlete, but I stopped working out because I didn’t have access to any equipment. I felt myself always wanting to go back to it. And I was getting increasingly heavy, at my highest weight I was 345 pounds. I’m a big guy, but no one’s frame is that big.
One year for Christmas, my wife gave me a year’s membership to the YMCA gym. I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited. I knew it would be a game-changer for me. I fell back in love with working out. I used it to work through all my problems. My self-esteem started coming back and it made every part of my life better. I dreamed of helping others find this for the next 7 years. Right around this time, my wife started studying about real, whole foods. She got interested in nutrition and avoiding chemicals. This took our wellness journey much further. We experienced weight loss, more energy, and stamina to do more in life. My workouts were better and I was loving it. 
I applied for a job in a fitness center at the local hospital here in Oklahoma. I got hired and got certified as a personal trainer. I began my journey to help regular people feel better and get back to wellness with actionable steps. 

I love wellness

Everyone can feel better and do more for their health. With small steps, you can change your life a little at a time. I can reach and encourage more people through the internet so I started this blog. I can’t wait to show you how simple it is to make you and your wellness a priority. 

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